Event & Floral designers in Portugal

We have an extensive expertise since we learned from the best floral designers all over the world.

We attended and finished several courses of a few flagship schools in Russia and the USA:

  • Mastered floral design, Event design & financial management for decorators in Moscow Flower School (Russia)
  • Studied floral design in Lacy Bird (Russia)
  • Learned from Sinclair and Moore (USA) how to lead a project and floral design.

Took part in the projects of:

  • Karen Tran, USA
  • Eric Chauvin, France
  • Tridvornova Art, Russia
  • BrancoPrata, Portugal

Who we are?

Viktoriia Ignateva


Viktoriia is a founder and head-partner in Decorelle, she loves design & creativity.



Vera Flenova


Vera is co-owner of Decorelle, she is addicted to communicate with clients and partners and feels free with numbers.


Feel free to visit our atelier, we are always happy to meet you in person.

It is our space, where we create our projects, meet with our partners and clients and teach our students.


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